The CombinO® concept

CombinO® exhibition systems are surprisingly simple, but very effective display systems for picture or text formations of all kinds. The secret lies in the clip connection between the aluminium poles and the profile set frame elements.

We offer a lifelong guarantee for all original aluminium pieces of the CombinO® modular system.*

The smart assembling and disassembling without any tools, the almost amazing versatility and of course the easy and simple transport set the standard. From a small display unit through to a complete exhibition stand...

... do it with clips!

The CombinO® concept

CombinO® - the system with the clip: Aluminium framed panels are simply connected to poles via aluminium clips, which means you don't need any tools.

Due to the aluminium's flexibility, the clips inserted into the frame profiles grasp the poles securely and create a firm connection which can still be pivoted and loosened. Because of this, assembling and disassembling the system is almost child's play.

No fixed angles enable you to arrange the panels just as you want to. There are no boundaries for your ideas, whether you work with a single unit or a whole panel kit.

The CombinO® concept

The frames can be opened by loosening the joint connectors which makes changing the panels a matter of seconds.

* frame profiles, joint connectors, clips, poles.

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