Sturdy, flexible and still lightweight - CombinO® Aluminium Poles

CombinO® Aluminium Pole  with end-cap CombinO® Aluminium Pole CombinO® Aluminium Pole with insert connector

The CombinO® poles are made of silver anodised aluminium with an outer diametre of 25 mm. They are available in various standard lengths with 96 cm, 200 cm, or 250 cm fitting to our standard » Frames and Panels, or with any desired special lengths. The CombinO® standard poles can be delivered as a whole or separatable with insert connectors. Of course, we can produce individual lengths according to your requirements.

The standard poles can be combined with all bases of the CombinO® system.

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All standard poles come with end-caps if not used for insert connectors or bases:

Insert Connector

Insert Connector



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