CombinO® Counter

CombinO® Counters and COMBIcounters are the perfect addition to your exhibition or promotion stand. Easy handling - high flexibility - little weight - reasonable price.

Counter lockable, counter top 2 (curved)

Standard counter (like type no. 91, 92) with two doors, lockable
Weight: 22,00 kg
Weight:: 22.00kg
CombinO® Counter

CombinO® Counter

Counter consisting of three system frames with clips,
counter top, and shelf.
Size: 96 x 96 x 46 cm

Counter, lockable, counter top 1 (curved)

CombinO®counter (like type no. 82) with two doors, lockable
Weight: 22.00 kg
Weight:: 22.00kg


Three foldable riveted aluminium frames with white Resopal-Panels and shelf, with curved counter top.
Size: 90 x 85 x 42 cm
Counter top size: 60 x 114 cm
Transport size: 92 x 116 x 8 cm
Weight: aprox. 17.00 kg
Weight:: 17.00kg

Counter Top

Removable top piece with cover panel; variable size up to 25 cm hight, 25 cm depth; width according to cover panel.

Top Panels

Top Panel with separatable poles; put through cover panel and shelf for assembly.
Top edge: 200 cm
COMBIcounter, lightweight

COMBIcounter, lightweight

Three foldable riveted aluminium frames with white panels and cover panel. Reduced weight, form and colour of the cover panels variable upon consultation.

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